Brard Blanchard

For almost four generations, the family has been working on the vineyard.

Cognac Brard-Blanchard

Story of Jacques Brard Blanchard, organic winegrower

I started working in the vineyard with my parents at the age of 15. At that time, chemical (petroleum) treatment products were starting to appear. My father, like everyone else, used them.

In 1972, I had health problems (respiratory allergies,...) I quickly realised that all these worries had only one cause: the treatment products, and in particular one, used against the most widespread vine disease in our region: mildew.

I also realised that every year we had to use more and more dangerous products, whereas in the past farmers harvested without all this chemistry!

Organic farming is an environmentally friendly form of agriculture. Its main principle is the non-use of synthetic chemicals, weed killers and pesticides. We have two specifications to respect: a general one for all wine production, and a much more specific one that applies to wine-making, all certified by the "Ecocert" organisation.

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