Almost two centuries of know-how in Grande Champagne

Cognac Menard

A line of MÉNARD has succeeded one another without interruption on the same land for almost two centuries.

At present, the Ménard family vineyards cover about 80 hectares. In these properties, all located in Grande Champagne, Premier Cru of the Cognac region, are harvested the wines that produce Ménard cognac and Pineau des Charentes.

All these wines are distilled on the properties in copper stills using the traditional Charentaise method.

The collected eau-de-vie is aged in Limousin oak barrels where the slow action of time gives birth to Ménard cognac. The cognac only acquires its qualities through its prolonged stay in these barrels.

Important and visible changes occur, such as the reduction in volume through evaporation, the lowering of the degree and the absorption of the wood tannin by the brandy, which gives it its beautiful amber colour, its perfume and its inimitable taste with the appearance of the "rancio" which is so characteristic of old cognacs.

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