Delpech-Fougerat - Les Brûleries Modernes

250 years after its origins, the Vinet-Delpech Distillery creates "Les Bruleries Modernes"

Cognac Delpech-Fougerat - Les Brûleries Modernes

In the 15th century, the term "Brûlerie" referred to the place where brandy was distilled.

Since 1991, the Vinet-Delpech distillery has been managed by Bruno Delannoy and today provides the Brûleries Modernes, managed by his son Jean-Baptiste, with quality infrastructures, a vineyard of around one hundred hectares in the best Cognac crus, as well as a young and multicultural team.

The aim of this new structure is to create, launch, develop and support the group's brands throughout the world. It is based on exceptional know-how and deep relationships built up in the world of spirits.

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