Grande Champagne cognacs, made from eaux-de-vie distilled in the 1970s

Cognac Laurichesse

Olivier and Léa both have their roots firmly planted in Segonzac.

Olivier comes from a long line of local vinegrowers ; he has always wanted to follow in the family footsteps and produce cognac. Therefore, after college, he quite naturally moved towards vine and oenology studies. First working in Alsace, then moving to the Médoc region Olivier is drawn back to the family property in 2003.

In 2015, Olivier has gained all the confidence and experience needed to start farming 40ha of vineyard independently in Roissac, near AngeacChampagne, in the prime cognac producing region known as Grande Champagne.

Léa has always been passionate about wine and spirits. She obtained a bachelor's degree in wine and spirits trade in 2008; this diploma ended with a 3 month internship in the United States.

In 2009, she worked for an importer-distributor in New-York City before returning to France to finish her studies. In 2010, while Léa was studying at the University of Eaux-de-vie in Segonzac, she met Olivier and they soon became inseparable.

In 2018, a marriage and 3 children later, Léa and Olivier launched "Cognac Laurichesse" to promote cognac distilled by Guy, Olivier's father, in the seventies.

Traditionally aged in oak barrels, each limited edition batch of cognac is simply bottled up to highlight the complex depth of aromas and flavours only found in Grande Champagne.

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