The HINE House is located on the banks of the Charente, in the heart of the Cognac region in Jarnac.

Cognac Hine

HINE is located on the banks of the Charente River, in the heart of the Cognac region. In the cellars, which ensure the protection of the precious vintages under seal, little has changed in 250 years. From the nearby quays, the journey of HINE cognacs around the world began in the past. This house is one of the oldest in Jarnac.

In 2004, Thomas HINE & Co. acquired an exceptional 120-hectare property located in the famous Grande Champagne appellation in the Cognac region, in the small commune of Bonneuil, whose rolling hillsides overlook the picturesque Colinaud valley.

This estate enjoys an exceptional north-south orientation which ensures long hours of sunshine and warmth, ideal for the ripening of the grapes. In the heart of the Grande Champagne region, it is located on a thick chalky soil and produces the best cognacs of the region. These "premiers crus" are renowned for their great finesse, their floral bouquet, their elegance and their longevity. The estate currently includes 76 hectares of vines, with an average age of 25 years. Woods and fields extend over the other part of the land. The whole is cultivated according to environmentally friendly techniques.

This acquisition allows Thomas HINE & Co. to expand its range of premium cognacs in order to secure and guarantee its quality for the pleasure of connoisseurs throughout the world. HINE will of course continue to work with all its other suppliers, many of whom have worked with the company for several generations and respect the very strict production rules required by HINE for its eaux-de-vie.

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