Domaine du Puits Faucon

Our vineyard is located in the Borderies area of the Cognac region and has been run by the Daniel Bouillard family since 1886.

Cognac Domaine Du Puits Faucon

We are in Burie, in the Borderies region, the declared capital of its famous pineau and its bard Goulebenéze who sang so well of his native Saintonge, the mischief and the Charentais spirit of its inhabitants.

Surrounded by vineyards, the Domaine du Puits Faucon shows its blond stones caressed by a generous sun. Since 1865, generations have succeeded one another on the same property.

Daniel Bouillard was born in Burie and his childhood was spent observing and helping his father, himself a winegrower, with the daily tasks of raising the vines.

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