1980 Fins Bois Cognac Grosperrin


This vintage cognac comes from a small estate founded in 1930 by the father of the widow of the winegrower (who died in 2009) from whom this lot was purchased. This estate is located in the commune of Sainte Sévère, on the border of Fins Bois and Borderies, on a clay-siliceous soil with flint.

The year 1980 is remembered in Cognac for its very small harvest, and the great cold that accompanied the harvest (the "vendanges en moufles", up to -10°C).



Tasting notes :

An old gold colour with beautiful amber highlights.

On the nose, a "whole" cognac, very representative of the Fins Bois cru, but with an unusual spicy and floral tension, which clearly demonstrates the ambiguity of the Sainte-Sévère terroir. Noble" notes, sweet spices, patinated mahogany wood, warm flint.

On the palate, the attack is lively, very clear, mineral and fruity. A dry cognac, with a long and peppery finish.

A cognac that is beginning to "turn", according to the jargon of the cellar masters (thus defining this particular period of ageing, when the rancios become more refined, deeper, more "racy")

Data sheet

70 Cl
Fins Bois