XO Chinese New Year 2023 by Yan Pei-Ming Cognac Hennessy


Is it still necessary to present the emblematic XO of HENNESSY cognacs.... It is the result of the meeting of two men, Maurice Hennessy and Emile Fillioux, Master Blender.

Limited Edition Chinese New Year 2023!

This year, to honor the Chinese New Year, Hennessy is offering a Limited Edition in collaboration with Yan Pei-Ming, a famous and much sought-after contemporary artist! This collection honors the entire zodiac in all its diversity! Under Yan Pei-Ming's brush, this joyful celebration becomes a symbol of inclusion and hope, carrying a promise, a momentum towards the future after a particularly difficult period.

The animals' spirited race towards new horizons carries a singular truth: "Together we go further.

But the real subject of the work is light! "When you take a bottle of Cognac and look at it in the sunlight, the colors change dramatically. I wanted to represent Cognac, and it is the light spontaneously, which became the color of this painting" explains the artist.



Tasting Notes:

An amber color, the depth of its mahogany reflections

Aromas of candied fruits, a subtle and finely spiced nose.

Smooth, it reveals woody notes and a touch of cocoa. Its length expresses its long ageing and the complexity of its blend

Data sheet

40 °
70 Cl