XO Frapin "15 Ans d'âge"
  • XO Frapin "15 Ans d'âge"

XO Cognac Frapin "15 Ans d'âge"


XO Frapin "15 ans d'âge" - Grande Champagne

Frapin 15 Years Old is a blend of eaux-de-vies grown, distilled and aged on our 240 hectare vineyard located at the heart of the Grande Champagne appellation, premier cru de Cognac.



XO Frapin "15 ans d'âge" - Grande Champagne

Our Cellar Master manages each step of the process and the resulting cognac is a superb alchemy of our unique terroir and our dedication to the craft of cognac production, through long cellaring.

An XO between two worlds, Frapin 15 Years Old uniquely blends eaux-de-vies aged in both humid and dry cellars. The former lends roundness and richness whilst the latter gives finesse and elegance.

COLOUR & BOUQUET : Lively and brilliant, Frapin 15 Years Old has a beautiful golden colour with warm highlights. Aromatically complex with notes of freshly cut wood, vanilla and black tea evolving to dried flowers.

PALATE : The palate offers flavours of dried fruits, toast and a lingering finish with touches of spice. This is a robust cognac which simultaneously evokes the traditional finesse of Frapin on the palate.

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70 Cl
Grande Champagne