Since 1270, the FRAPIN family has been producing Cognac...

Cognac Frapin

The FRAPIN family has been established in the south-west of France since 1270, first as a family of winegrowers and then as distillers for more than 20 generations. It is the Grande Champagne region, Premier Grand Cru du Cognac, which will become the land of choice for this family. The family established its quarters in the Château de Fontpinot in Segonzac.

Among its ancestors, the FRAPIN family counts the famous 16th century writer, François RABELAIS, born to Antoine Rabelais and Catherine FRAPIN. The FRAPIN house has paid tribute to this illustrious ancestor by producing the prestigious 'Cuvée Rabelais'.

Today, the FRAPIN family estate covers 300 hectares exclusively in Grande Champagne, officially classified as a Premier Grand Cru du Cognac, 200 of which are planted with the 'Ugni-Blanc' grape variety.

The FRAPIN estate is made up of a friable limestone soil identical to that of Reims, hence the name 'Grande Champagne'.

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