Painturaud Frères

For 4 generations, Painturaud Frères cognacs have been established in the Grande Champagne region

Cognac Painturaud Frères

Founded in 1804, this property was rebuilt and exploited at the end of the 19th century by Hippolyte Painturaud, after the great phylloxera crisis. In 1934, Guy Painturaud, the grandfather of the current generation, decided to market his cognacs and Pineaux des Charentes under his own name, to distinguish himself from the large trading houses.

Thus was born the Maison Painturaud Frères. He was also one of the first winegrowers in the appellation to market Pineau des Charentes.

His son Jacques succeeded him in 1973: he developed the business through his participation in numerous national trade fairs and the creation of his shop in Segonzac "Les Frères Painturaud".

In 2010, Jacques passed on the baton so that Jean-Philippe, Vincent, Matthieu and Emmanuel, representing the 4th generation of the Painturaud Frères, could perpetuate 200 years of know-how and family traditions.

Painturaud, a brand, a name, a family known to all in the region, with a true identity from these magnificent lands of Grande Champagne. Local producers, sellers at trade fairs across the country, long-distance travellers, the Painturaud Frères travel the world to make their treasures known and tasted.

Authentic, top-of-the-range cognacs and Pineaux des Charentes from a unique terroir in the world, age-old know-how, family traditions inherited from father to son, which offer the consumer a rare experience in the heart of Grande Champagne, the premier cru of cognac.

It is on this unique terroir (clay-limestone slopes) that the Painturaud brothers produce eaux-de-vie of rare finesse, capable of being aged in oak barrels for decades. Very concerned about our environment, they have been practising a model of reasoned cultivation for more than 20 years and in 2017 obtained the HVE (High Environmental Value) label of level 3, the highest level.

They have their own still for the production of their eaux-de-vie. This still, called a Charentais still, is specific to the production of cognac and is made entirely of copper. Their distillation practice in the appellation is called "repasse" (double distillation).

On the estate, there are also their ageing cellars where the eau-de-vie, once it has left the still, will be aged for many years (from 5 years to 80 years or more). Once this ageing is complete, they carry out their blending (combining different cognacs) in order to obtain a precise quality, a harmony.

This is the work of a goldsmith who will enable each consumer to recognise and appreciate the Cognac of his choice. The know-how of blending has been passed down from father to son for four generations in this house.

Also producers of Pineau des Charentes, a subtle blend of young cognac and freshly pressed grape must. This mutage is then aged in oak barrels for 5 to 50 years.

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