De Luze

From 1822 to today, discover the values and philosophy of its creator to its owner.

Cognac De Luze

In 1817, the two De Luze brothers, Alfred and Louis-Philippe, set sail for the New World and founded an import agency L.P. De Luze & Co. in New York. After initial success, Alfred returned to France to provide his brother with the best products and founded the trading company A. De Luze & Fils in 1822.

Today, once again based in Grande Champagne in Cognac, De Luze cognac is owned by the Boinaud family and remains an independent family brand.

The Boinaud family goes back 22 generations to a certain Jean Boisnaud, a winegrower at Bois d'Angeac. In old Charentais, Boisnaud means "man of the wood".

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