Remy Martin

A rich and fascinating history since 1724!

Cognac Rémy Martin

Like our cognac, our history is rich and fascinating. It began in 1724, when Mr. Rémy Martin, a visionary local farmer and winegrower, had the idea of creating a trading house and a cognac that would become the number one premium cognac on the French and international markets.

The history of the House of Rémy Martin is that of a family, that of five generations of wine and cognac merchants driven by the same exceptional ambition: to capture the Heart of Cognac.

The secret of Cognac comes from the land from which it was born. This is why the House of Rémy Martin selects exclusively grapes grown in the most renowned regions, namely Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. These regions are characterized by a limestone soil, which reflects the light and gives the grapes an absolutely perfect maturation.

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