Paul Giraud

Winegrowers since 1650, Paul Giraud cognacs are located in the heart of the Grande Champagne region.

Cognac Paul Giraud

The Paul Giraud vineyard is located in Bouteville, a village in the heart of the Grande Champagne region. This village, nestled in the valleys of the premier cru du cognac, is renowned for the finesse of its eaux-de-vie.

At the head of an old stock of old cognacs accumulated over several generations, the Giraud family produces exceptional cognacs. The finesse and aromatic power of its eaux de vie have conquered the greatest establishments in the world.

From father to son, generations succeed one another at the head of this magnificent property of 42 hectares of vines planted in the heart of the Grande Champagne region. In order to preserve the quality of the ugni-blanc grapes, the harvest is still done manually on about 65% of the vineyard.

Two medium-sized stills, one of 14 hectolitres and the other of 18 hectolitres, ensure the distillation of the wines harvested on the different plots of the village.

The distillation is the object of constant attention and a know-how handed down from previous generations.

Vinification and distillation are carried out on the property. The ageing in oak barrels brings all its nobility. The particularly humid cellars give an exceptional suppleness and mellowness to the cognacs signed Paul GIRAUD.

Cognac lovers particularly appreciate the mellowness and roundness associated with an aromatic palette of great complexity.

The range is very diverse with very long aging. These mono-cru and mono-année Cognacs follow the aromatic evolution according to their stay in oak barrels. The triptych Flower, Fruit, Spice brings here all its diversity and each quality is a journey through time and the world of flavours.

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