Normandin Mercier

Founded in 1872 near La Rochelle by Jules Normandin, Normandin-Mercier Cognacs are the fruit of a long tradition...

Cognac Normandin Mercier

Founded in 1872 by Jules NORMANDIN, then a broker and owner in Cognac, the Normandin-Mercier House is celebrating its one hundred and fiftieth anniversary.

Edouard Normandin, the fifth generation, is the Cellar Master and markets eaux de vie from his great-great grandfather.

The location of the estate, near La Rochelle, is the result of a strategic choice made in the 19th century. The city was the first port of export for Cognac, and a major maritime and rail route.

This almost exclusive situation allows for optimum ageing of the Cognacs, thanks to a natural regulation of hygrometry and temperature. These are cellars where only Grande and Petite Champagne Cognacs are aged.

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