Folle Blanche L.X Organic Cognac Pasquet
  • Folle Blanche L.X Organic Cognac Pasquet

Folle Blanche L.X Organic Cognac Pasquet

A biting and intoxicating Folle Blanche! Limited Edition...

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Rime colour with green reflections

Very minty and musky nose. Cardamom, freshly cut basil.

Invigorating to say the least. A slight fruity note on the mirabelle plum in the background, but the whole remains very spicy. A very warm spice, especially with its notes of cumin and ras-el-hanout.

We also perceive some acidulous notes of liquorice pastille and peach in syrup. Hints of pear wrapped in a fresh, herbaceous honey. Spicy freshness. Still very warm tones. Silky, almost creamy texture that coats the palate. Return of the fresh honey, the very acidic one of the Vosges pastilles. A clever twist between plum and mirabelle plum.

A rich cereal finish that lasts a long time.

With a little airing, we find fresh and honeyed notes, somewhere between the heart of a beehive and the foot of a pine tree. This impression persists on the palate.

Some hints of dried figs as well. A very warm spiciness. A breath of freshness on sandalwood and bitter orange. Always this elegant spiciness with nutmeg and cumin.

The time spent in cask gives it some very round accents, solid notes of sultanas and almond pear. Syrupy plums too.

A Grande Champagne that moves dodellingly through the ages.

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