Maison Villevert

Maison Villevert invents, develops and distributes international brands of spirits

Cognac Maison Villevert

Based on the observation of consumption patterns around the world, Maison Villevert reinvents spirits and ennobles categories by introducing roundness and subtlety. It is by developing this model that Maison Villevert has become a permanent fixture in the market of excellent spirits.

With its production and packaging sites located near Cognac, meeting the most demanding certification standards (in particular the Iso 22000 standard obtained in 2021), Maison Villevert has the capacity to package its creations manually or industrially, and ships each year several tens of millions of bottles throughout the world, while remaining faithful to its original intentions of high standards and quality.

Mono terroir cognacs of course, but also gins and rum...

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