Ragnaud Sabourin

Located in Grande Champagne, this family business has been perpetuating traditions since 1850

Cognac Ragnaud Sabourin

The Ragnaud Sabourin House has the double characteristic of being the owner and harvester of 35 hectares in Grande Champagne. It is from these top-of-the-range eaux-de-vie and without any mixture of vintages that all the cognacs of the House have been produced for almost four generations.

The House of Ragnaud Sabourin has a sense of family, time and tradition. But how can we preserve the quality of our products and guarantee that our cognacs will keep the finesse and subtlety that are theirs? At the estate, the answer is given in the form of a profession of faith: the tradition of craftsmanship.

The eaux-de-vie are patiently aged in the family's cellars with large stocks. This situation, unique in Cognac, allows us to keep a clear mind and to face serenely the evolution of our sales and thus to perpetuate the spirit of the house which has lived in the owners since 1850.

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