Organic cognacs since 1969!

Cognac Guy Pinard

Located on the Fins Bois terroir, the Domaine de la Tour Vert vineyard is of modest size, which allows for quality organic growing, which is difficult on large farms.

Moreover, the PINARD family has always wanted to keep a family management of the production, from the vine to the bottle.

In 1969, Guy PINARD, his father Georges, and his wife Chantal decided to convert the entire estate to organic farming. Soon, their son Jean-Baptiste joined them.

When Guy died, Chantal and Jean-Baptiste took over the management of the estate.

Jean-Baptiste is a winegrower, oenologist, distiller and cellar master. He produces the products in the pure family tradition and in accordance with ancestral methods. He participates in all the stages of grape transformation with the aim of continuing to make exceptional products.

From the cultivation of the vines to the bottling and marketing, all the stages in the production of their products are carried out on the estate.

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