Loaded with history, the Tiffon house perpetuates beautiful traditions

Cognac Tiffon

The Tiffon house is steeped in a picturesque history.

Médéric TIFFON founded the Maison TIFFON in the town of Jarnac in 1875.

Sverre BRAASTAD , born on 10 July 1879 in Gjovik, Norway, emigrated to Jarnac at the age of 20, where his uncle Halfdan BRAASTAD was financial director at BISQUIT . Sverre joined the company as a sales manager. He met Edith Rousseau, granddaughter of the founder of the competing TIFFON House on the opposite bank. The marriage took place on 27 November 1913 and they had eight children; five boys and three girls.

After the First World War, Sverre Braastad resigned from Bisquit to take over the family business on 6 November 1919. On 4 December 1946, Sverre Braastad bought the Château de Triac, located 5 km from Jarnac. He lived there with his wife Edith until 16 May 1979 when he died at the age of 100.

The TIFFON house is today managed by the son, Robert, and the grandchildren of Sverre BRAASTAD: Antoine, Richard and Jan.

Cognac is a tradition, and the family continues the business, cultivating the vines, producing the wine and distilling their own Cognac.

Cognac TIFFON owns a vineyard of 40 hectares, composed of Ugni Blanc, Saint-Emilion and Colombard grapes, part of which is located in Grande Champagne (considered the best of the six appellations) and another part in Fins Bois.

In addition to its own production, Cognac TIFFON also buys wine from two hundred winegrowers in the region.

The company has two distilleries, one located in Jarnac and another located at the Château de Triac. The distillery in Jarnac is composed of ten "Alambics Charentais", each still has a capacity of 2,500 litres, and can distil 25,000 litres of wine per day. The distillery at the Château de Triac has seven stills with a capacity of 1,500 litres each.

A total of 12,000 oak barrels containing 350 litres of cognac are kept in the eleven ageing cellars of the TIFFON company.

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