Since 1785, at Lhéraud, vine growing and distillation have been a family affair

Cognac Lhéraud

Cognacs Lhéraud is above all a family business!

It was Alexandre Lhéraud who first planted his vines on the Petite Champagne terroir... Victor, Jean-Pierre, Eugène, Rémy followed and today Guy is the patriarch. He works first and foremost with his heart, strengthened by the heritage of his ancestors. Assisted by his son Laurent, he has contributed to making Lhéraud cognacs a world-renowned brand.

Tomorrow, his grandchildren Anne-Sophie and Jean-Charles will in turn be the holders of this know-how. But from now on, it is as a family that the year's blend is chosen.

Andrée, Guy's wife, has inherited an innate gift for decoration; it is to her that we owe these calligraphic labels, these mouth-blown decanters, these elegant boxes.

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