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Tradition, love of the land and its roots are all notions that stick to the skin of the Drouet family.

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Our estate was set up in 1848 by Jean L'HOMME. He was an excellent distiller and at the Grand Prix d'Eaux-de-vie at the Universal Exhibition in BRUSSELS in 1897 he won a diploma which I have kept.

My great grandparents, Ulysse and Elina DUMARGUE, were servants to the L'HOMME family and worked on the estate all their lives. My grandparents, Irène DUMARGUE and Gabriel DROUET carried on the work for some years. Through hard work and sacrifice and by making savings they managed to acquire a few plots of neighbouring vineyards.

In 1969, my parents, Monique and Gérard DROUET, bought the outbuildings, a 4-hl still and a few acres of vines. Our family acquired the Estate and could finally distil their own wines. They made their Grande Champagne eau-de-vie, which was always so precious in the eyes of my ancestors.

After having made some changes and acquisitions and encouraged by my parents we made our first Pineau des Charentes in 1987 and we installed two traditional 10-hl stills. Rigorous and meticulous work in the vines and in the vat room have allowed us to develop a range of Cognacs, Pineaux and wines with character which honour our terroir, our vines, our expertise and our traditions.

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