The story begins in 1685, during the reign of King Louis XIV, when Louis Deau, settles as a winemaker in Charente and discovers the mythical alchemy of stills.

Cognac Deau

Cognac DEAU is located in Sireuil (Charente, France) and more precisely "Aux Moisans" in the heart of the Cognac region.

It is here, in the middle of the vineyards, overlooking the Charente river, that our distillery and its 12 copper stills are located, next to the old cellars where the precious eaux-de-vie of our Collection are aged in more than 2000 barrels.

In Sireuil we are dedicated to the creation of exceptional cognacs but also to the French art of living. It is this balance between nature and elegance that we offer to DEAU COGNAC, in memory of Louis Deau.

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