Pierre Ferrand

From the vineyard, located in the Grande Champagne region, to the bottle, Pierre Ferrand cognacs express a whole range of expertise

Cognac Pierre Ferrand

The 75 hectares of vines in the Angeac terroir, which are the hallmark of the Pierre Ferrand style, are located in the heart of the Grande Champagne region, a Premier Cru of Cognac, delimited by an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée. This terroir, which connoisseurs call the "Golden Triangle" near Cognac, is particularly renowned. Its chalky soil gives the grapes the acidity necessary to produce very good wines that will give great cognacs.

Pierre Ferrand cognacs are distilled slowly, in small stills with a capacity limited to 25 hectolitres, which favours the concentration of the flavours. The specific onion shape of the top of the still favours the extraction of the aromas from the wine lees. Unfiltered, these lees, which are particularly rich in fruit aromas, contribute to the body and bouquet of the eau-de-vie.

The young eau-de-vie is collected at the end of the still and aged in small Limousin oak barrels stored in the estate's cellars. The north-facing barrels are cool all year round, and the traditional earthen floor maintains a stable humidity level. During this ageing phase, Pierre Ferrand cognacs are successively aged in several types of casks in order to avoid excessive bitterness linked to a too pronounced tannic or woody character. The properties of each barrel contribute to the alchemy of exchanges between the alcohol, the air and the wood.

The quality and finesse of Pierre Ferrand cognacs are not only the result of maturation. Our eaux-de-vie also derive their character from the subtle and precise art of blending. At Logis d'Angeac, we have been cellar masters for five generations, each of them inheriting the experience and know-how of blending cognacs. It takes years of practice to choose the eaux-de-vie that will harmonise to ensure the continuity of excellence. This work of goldsmiths allows the elaboration of exceptional cognacs in the respect of the tradition and the character of the Grande Champagne.

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